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Our first blog post summer but its a atleast 8 months late!! We actually finished this project earlier in January but never got around to photograph it hence the delay! We only got around to the pictures now as we are back in the same house tackling a few more spaces (so keep following on our socials to see the progress on those!)

The house, located in Abu Dhabi, belongs to a lively well rounded Emirati family of five and the brief was to reconcile between the husband and wife tastes in interiors. She likes florals, he likes clean lines, and apparently it took three different rounds of coffee tables till they landed the one they had and they were still unhappy about it!

In came Harf Noon Design Studio, with a vibrant yet classy look, to help pull together their living room into a more welcoming and warm space.

As with any space, the way you decorate your home expresses your true personality. So today, you step inside this family's home and you see and feel how their fun personality helped drive the vision for their colorful and livable home where nothing is off limits.

We wanted to keep the space family friendly and to facilitate entertaining with a vibe that is an eye feast but also functional and utilitarian for both friends and kids.

With that in mind, we introduced a colorful palette of blues and greens with hints of brushed nickel - a mix that is perfect for entertaining AND relaxing.

The first thing we did is swap the low black glass table for not one, but two large grey wooden coffee tables with rounded edges (for safety around the one year baby) - sourced from The One. We made sure to accessorize it with colorful coffee table books that our client already owned plus a few more that we added to her collection. A beautiful glass bowl she had as a gift also found its perfect spot and acted a focal point with its bright pop of color

We also upholstered the two floral armchairs with a beautiful navy and white herringbone pattern which completely changed their appearance. A pair of mirrored nesting tables between them finished that corner nicely.

In the back of the room, we added a pair of slim Indigo Living consoles to ground the space and further balance it especially with the addition of the table lamps and accessories.

The abstract artwork dressed the white walls providing a fresh bright pop of color against the more neutral minimal palette pulling all the colors in the room into two happy pieces.

And the final touches was the beautiful blue carpet from Carpet Centre and the colorful selection of throw cushions and green throw from West Elm.

The finished result is nothing short of modern, vibrant and fun embracing the family's playful side. Most importantly, the couple can now both agree they got the space they both love!

Here are some before pictures since we all love them!




Feeling inspired to get your own new look? Contact us today to transform your home in an easy and affordable way to make your home look beautiful and uniquely yours.

Now stay tuned for all the details of the family and media room from the same house, coming soon!


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