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Kitchens are the hub of a modern home. Your ideal would be the perfect open plan kind that is flowing, allowing for great entertaining while facilitating connection with the rest of the spaces. Of course, the kitchen is also home to the appliances that will go into it namely the biggest among them, the refrigerator, which is why LG has introduced innovation and timeless design that fit perfectly to create luxurious living areas for those that cherish their kitchens. I mean who knew a refrigerator can fit so much and still look so good!

The diffused reflection stainless steel body and scratch-resistant textured finish makes for an impeccable exterior design, enhancing its minimalist style to the fullest. Its luster elevates any kitchen with a warm and sophisticated finish that complements the décor and aesthetics of any kitchen space. Modern or not.

But let me tell you a bit more beside the aesthetics. First a little piece of info… Did you know that your fridge door is one of the most opened doors in your home? That is why LG have created a special feature in their LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, its door in door technology allows you to view what’s inside your fridge by two quick knocks on its opaque glass compartment which become transparent revealing the inside without having to open the door! (open sesame and boomerang insta videos!)

Your often used items like milk, drinks or snacks become easily accessible without opening the entire fridge – this reduces cold air loss and helps keep food fresher longer. You are even easily able to adjust the temperature settings of the Pantry for storing a wide range of foods from meats to fresh produce using the digital screen in the front.

Carrying your just iced cake and need to place it in the refrigerator? No problem, as they equipped it with the auto open feature using the sensor with the “OPEN DOOR” hologram display on the door. PURE GENIUS! I mean everything is integrated with beautiful technology to make your experience seamless.

What really blew me away is how spacious the insides of the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is! It offers 31 cubic feet of space which is perfect for all your family grocery needs. Less supermarket visits anyone?

So, you can take it from me that this LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is the Queen Bee of the kitchen. It beautifully marries the harmony of the design with the harmony of the mind. I actually fell in love so hard that I can’t wait to get one for our own kitchen!

To learn more about the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator and LG SIGNATURE products, please visit:


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