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Waking up to the wrong side of the bed is not an option when you use the right mattress for your body and type of sleep. We were recently shopping for a new mattress, our old one has lasted us ten years and it has been a challenge finding the right one.

The solution was visiting the Mattress Store, the only specialty store for sleep products in the entire GCC region. Truth be told we had spent many hours in other stores that sell mattresses, and only got lost as to what our preferences are. I mean you can't really tell if a mattress is good until you have tried it for an entire night, right?! Well we finally put that idea to bed once and for all.

To start with, they have over ten branches across Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and their stores. As an overall store visit, they exceeded our expectation. We opted to check out their Festival City branch and truth be told, their showroom felt spacious, luxurious, inviting and innovative.

We were greeted by Jasmin, who eased us into the process and explained that many clients walk in a bit lost as to their preferences, then started our consultation by asking us a few questions then introduced us to the Bed Match machine. You basically feed it with information like age, height, weight and preference of sleep, then instructs you to sleep on the mattress which then sort of scans and takes in pressure points from your body and produces a report on the best mattress match for you and your partner. For us, the medium firm was a perfect match, and so we checked out their ranges of mattresses with that firmness, and settled for the BodiForm Gel Englander mattress, and we even got the chance to customize its suede side border color, they had around 7 different colors to choose from, and I went for the grey one. We finalized the size, which was to be custom made to our bed and were informed we would receive it in a few days.

It is worthy to mention that if you and your partner have completely different firmness needs, you can go for the MySide mattress; which allows you to enjoy having two different comfortable sides in a single mattress.

They also offer mattresses that are completely organic, like the Princess Englander and other luxurious beds that are completely motorized and adjustable with multitude of positions.

Jasmin also introduced us to their other products like the pillows varrying from the medic, down pillows and the one we picked, the Technogel Delux, which has pressure relieving ergonomic support, is hypo-allergenic and has a memory foam base.

You could easily tell that the Mattress Store's years of experience in developing and retailing high end American brand mattresses has enabled them to gain expertise and in-depth knowledge of sleep products and sleep systems.

They definitely strive to provide their customers with impeccable service and high quality products that will ensure their satisfaction.

They really do have solutions that can cater to the most demanding of customers by helping them know details about their available sleep products, pin point the right kind of mattress or sleep product will be best suited for them. Get customized products according to their required sizes and comfort preferences including bed bases and headboards, and make an informed final decision from among the top brands available based on all the above factors.If you also fancy adding a great recliner, their LA-Z-BOY collection is one to impress!

Happy to report that our mattress arrived just three days after our order and we truly feel the difference in our sleep. No more backaches, and no more bad nights. Just restful sleep.

Best of all we made our purchase during their sale which they are now offering between 25-75% discount on mattresses, bases & headboards and 35-50% on LA-Z-BOY recliners.

If you would like to read more or order their products, visit their website


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