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Continuing with our dinner table scape series with Ame Creative Studio (check them out here & here if you haven't ), I wanted this arrangement to work well in a modern setting because of its unexpected & irreverent, effect where the chosen elements were based on textures, shapes, and colors.

Starting with the clear crystal vase, We decided to show off its beauty and details, by arranging the elegant pinks in way there are almost overflowing from it.

Using the uber versatile golden charger plates, I top them with golden marble effect plates and lay the napkins with agate rings on them. Again it is the elegance of all those blush tones against the brass and golden white shades that almost oozes sweetness.

We then added some embellishment to the table with the Candles on the stone candle holders, the agate plate mats. The brass plate also adds interest as does the agate napkin holders.

Always try to add your own elegant touch either with a hand written menu or a small message for your guests that is personalized to the event or even has your monogram on it. You may even put a small giveaway box on each plate for your guests to keep and remember the amazing lunch or dinner they had at your event. Get creative!, We added pomegranates here to make it fun!

The overall effect is just beyond words don't you agree?!

Did You Know: Because floral foam is dense, porous, and lightweight, it’s easy to cut into virtually any shape. In addition to keeping shape while wet, it can hold large quantities of water, increasing the life of your flowers. It also lends your flower stems support, giving you more control with your arrangements.


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