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So if you have been following my blog the past weeks you would already know that I have been playing around the idea of changing the wall colours in our master bedroom, and with the release of Jotun's 3 new colour I decided to give it a try and see what the outcome would be.

Our room is fairly dark, unlike the rest of the walls, which is why I originally decided to give it a dramatic dark deep turquoise blue, and that was five years back! Yes its a long time, especially for someone who is always changing wall colours for clients! Its not that I was lazy, but rather because the colour really grew on me and I love it, however I'm ready for a change even if the change is slight and within the same tonalities.

With Jotun's newly introduced three colours in Milan last week, I decided to play around with them especially being inspired by the Nordic Nature, bringing depth to the space and serenity to our bedroom.

So I'm taking your opinion here... which one of the below three colours works best? Keeping in mind that the lampshades, bedding and accessories will change accordingly.

Don't be shy! Let me know by commenting below.

​Current Color //

Jotun 4785 Blue River

Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood

Jotun 5452 Nordic Breeze



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