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What an amazing styling project. The restyling of a wonderful family’s living area who really have an eclectic style at heart.

Though they pretty much had a very good basis for the canvas of their living room, it lacked the cohesiveness to bring together the various styles they wanted. The space had to be ethnic - moroccan with a modern edge. We wanted to mix and match different styles rather than be totally traditional or modern. The trick was figuring out how to combine different designs into one cohesive whole that made their home look a bit glamorous and “on trend” while remaining comfortable and inviting — a straight expression of them and their lifestyle. Throughout the styling, we wanted a dramatic feel while maintaining a modern industrial look on the walls and used new materials with an edgy feel. We also pushed the ethnic accents with lots of texture to give it visual interest and a “worldly” look.

If you would like to have more information about the styling of this home or if you would like to have more information about my projects contact us here.



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