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So we had the pleasure of meeting Miaser, the young business enterpreneur from Yemen who has been in Dubai for two and half years and who is behind the rustic brand Khashab which you can shop from either online from or from the different market popups around Dubai.

So how did Khashab come to be and what inspired you to start it?

khashab is a story which only a rustic, reclaimed, and salvaged piece can narrate to our imagination.

khashab means wood in Arabic and at khashab we appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of wood, and the history of which each reclaimed piece embodies.

We produce handmade and up-cycled furniture and art pieces; because we believe that there is plenty of material to recycle, up-cycle and reclaim on this planet that refrains us from further consuming earth's raw materials. Hence, via khashab we are aiming at a more environmentally sustainable consumption in UAE and the middle east.

What inspired me to start is my interest in the intelligence behind environmental sustainability methods, and my recent obsession with rustic salvaged wood.

As an entrepreneur please share some tips that help you set up?

we are still in the process of setting up, and here's what I always try to keep in mind:

1- Start small and don't spend more than you can afford.

2- Study the market and never rush in making decisions yet don't wait too long until your ideas are too old.

3- Be flexible and keep an open mind while having a clear understanding of your business goals, values and brand.

4- Collaborate, co-create, ask experts for their opinion, listen to people comments and ideas, and try not to hesitate to ask for help.

What inspires you in Dubai?

1- It's fast paced development

2- We are all strangers yet we all belong and blend in.

Any favorite activities you do Dubai?

1- Exploring new art hubs and visiting art markets

2- Having a cup of coffee in the afternoons while reading a book or working on some new design in the beautiful and calming Rose leaf cafe in the Dubai Garden Center!

3- And above all going to Al-Fahidi Historical District in Bur Dubai during the cooler seasons.

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?

Taking a walk around the houses in the Al-Fahidi Historical District while enjoying it's genuine beauty originating from authenticity, it's architecture and space design, and of course checking out the art galleries.

Favourite shopping activity?

Little Majlis online shop, because it showcases a variety of Dubai based products.

Things you can't live without?

1- My husband!

2- The ability to work, design, create and hopefully innovate in a way...Get feedback positive and negative to have the capacity to develop and grow...

Do you have a life motto?

It may sound a bit cliche...!


...Oooo and there is also this one which I love:

"... no body is gonna hit as hard as life, but it’s ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take, and keep moving forward." Rocky Balboa, 2006!!


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