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Celeste van Rooyen, Originally from South Africa - Cape Town has been in Dubai for 12 years where she started Celeste van Rooyen photography. We had met over a corporate photoshoot and her personality and dedication meant that we clicked instantly! Here's more about Celeste and her business from photographing models to kids, food and more!

So how did your brand come to be and what inspired you to start it?

My brandname is Celeste van Rooyen photography -

I am a photographer and documenting for others - creating feeling with images - enspired me to start marketing my skill : I also love the power of marketing and wanted to provide visuals for others to help with their business marketing from corporate portraits to lookbooks to kids advertising - I love being on set even if i am just producing a shoot or shooting behind the scenes and love the teamwork of creating.

As an entrepreneur please share some tips that help you set up?

  • networking is very important and in dubai word of mouth is very strong

  • never ever make assumptions - nothing good can come from it

  • never judge a book by its cover

  • always listen to your intuision

  • travel and grow as much you can - your work grows and is a reflection of you

What inspires you in Dubai?

Dubai is very centrally located to travel to a vast variety neighbouring of countries

there is alot of well travelled creatives from all over the world in dubai - which makes dubai the city that you make it or want it and a world in one city

the winter time weather is just adorable and the various of different activities and creative events is soul feeding - a city that makes you still feel young

Any favorite activities you do Dubai?

Discovering a new location or cuisine or activitiy

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?

A sunset at the beach with interesting conversation and the perfect wine and grape mind sheesha.

Favourite shopping activity?

I am designing a line of the shirt/dresses on the moment so lately i am spending hours at material stores to find the most unique print, material types, and patterns

Things you can't live without?

  • Passport

  • Morning peacefull coffee

  • My beautiful inspiring grandparents and loving memories

  • Freedom

Do you have a life motto?

  • Live life every day to the full so that when you are old you can say- i have no regrets - if you have a dream do it ! you have nothing to loose -

  • Give just to give - and you will always receive

  • Always set new goals even small things that you look forward to

Dubai +971.50.461.7276

Cape Town +277.943.402.18

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