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If you have signed up for our 12 day styling challenge you would have been involved in the number one step for prepping a space and that is DECLUTTERING!

It is key to creating a fresh space and almost feels like a space detox! I have shared below my tips on how to get it done efficiently.


  • Set aside a good few hours for the process, tackle one room at a time, then play on your favourite music!

  • The important thing is identifying the clutter hot spots that you need to focus on – and then make it a mission to get it done!

  • Label some bags/boxes (THROW AWAY) (DONATE) & (KEEP)


  • Old magazines face it you aren’t going to read them again

  • Receipts, bills & documents anything you aren’t planning on returning and things you won’t need

  • Clothes Use the two-year rule for clothes - donate or sell apparel that you haven’t worn in two years

  • Books Go through your bookshelves and gather books you haven’t touched in months and ones that you aren’t planning on reading (just keep the pretty hard cover table ones for styling!)

  • Medicine & Vitamins Drugs that have expired or were on the shelves for too long, anything you no longer use

  • Makeup & Perfume Get rid of makeup that’s too old or that you don’t use

  • Jewellery Dispose of any broken costume jewellery and make plans to sell anything you don’t wear

  • Food dispose of anything old, unused and rotting!

  • Some Memorabilia Be ruthless and get rid of memorabilia like cards and gifs you don’t use

  • Notebooks If you have a tone of notebooks lying around, take a look at them and throw away the ones you no longer need

  • Old or unused electronics Sell old phones, electronics etc… they take too much space - especially chargers and wires - you will never used them again!

  • Any Items you *might* need down the road just let it go unless it’s precious to you. If it’s not precious, it’s not worth keeping for “just in case.” Only keep what you really love or actually use on a regular basis.

DONATE:: Anything that is in good working condition that you would actually use or wear if it were given to you!

KEEP :: Only keep what you actually use or need. Be ruthless and focused on the end goal, a clutter-free home and the peace that will come with knowing where everything is and having nothing in your room/home you don’t use or love!

Always remember, the more you declutter, the less you want to keep clutter in your home, and the easier it becomes to let things go in the future.

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