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So you might have noticed all the beautiful carpets I have been using in various projects like here & here and even in my own house... what do they all have in common? They are all from the Carpet Centre in Dubai. Not only can you browse and purchase the entire collection easily online , but you can also schedule an appointment to try out the carpet in your home for free! This has proved a total life saver when you are not quite sure which carpet to go for.

I spoke to Habib Yaraghi, the co-owner of Carpet Centre who has lived in Dubai for 13 years and carries out this family business which has survived for more than 300 years with the same family that started it (this means they have survived at least 47 recessions, a clutch of banking crises, stock market crashes, the start of the Industrial Revolution and the end of horsepower, two world wars, the defeat of Napoleon, and the rise of the internet!)

Please tell us about your business and where you are located?

Like I said, the shop here is an extension to a 300 year old family business.

At the moment we have one retail showroom in Al Barsha on umm Sequim main Street and our online shop (the first online shop for carpets and Rugs in the UAE)


What inspire you in/about Dubai?

The architecture and the mix of nationalities and people the most

Favourite thing to do in City?

The Sun set, watching the Sun set in Dubai is absolutely the best part of the day

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?

By the beach with friends and family. Or a BBQ gathering / morning cycling along Al Qudra road.


Things you can't live without?

My emails, I check my email almost every other minute

As an entrepreneur please share some tips that help you set up?

I think at the current market situation the best way to start a business is to look into option of sharing opportunities with established brands. Sharing space, and other facilities. At the moment we don’t have many business in Dubai that do that And I think if younger entrepreneur move in that direction it could help them significantly with the start up cost and risks.

Do you read any blog? If so which ones are your favorite?

Not specifically blog, but the Arabian business is a website I go through every morning with my morning coffee.

Do you have a life motto?

I personally don’t, But my favorite is from Einstein: Like is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving.



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