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A lot of the clients who approach me cannot quite pinpoint their style when asked. They know what they like and don't like though! This is of top importance if you are trying to decorate your house and pick items from the stores. Knowing your style will not only save you the hassle of finding the right pieces but saving you time and money on unnecessary weird pieces that clutter your space.

Once you've pinpointed your style, everything will suddenly feel right. Your home will resemble you and your rooms will not only feel and look comfortable but will suddenly feel magical.

But what is your style?

Here it is folks, the 7 most common styles:


You are a nature lover of the minimalist bunch. You love the openess, freshness and light. You're always enjoying the outdoors weather permitting.

Scandinavian style celebrates minimalist decor and functional furnishings with loads of white, bit of black, wood tones and a few pops of colour to keep things happy and a tiny bit quirky.


Stark clean and modern - you only buy the attractive version of things you need and display them in a simple, organised way. Your furniture probably looks like modern art. Your style is less is always more and what identifies this style are white surfaces, chrome accessories, minimal sculptures, sleek furniture multifunctional spaces. Add natural wood, leather, metals and hides to keep it from looking too sterile.


My absolute favourite! It uses neutral, masculine colour palettes, oversized artworks, chrome and nickel finishes with low simple sofas. This style is sleek and casual, with nothing decorative or feminine, and definitely clutter free.


This is a style that mixes and matches the old with the new, low and high, the bold and the quiet. Mixing a variety of periods and styles together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. You have to strike a balance between the items through proportion, playing against textures - dark against light, matte against gloss, elegant against rustic. The key is to start with a neutral back drop ­- soft gray, white, or a super pale blue or green. Pick a shape and repeat it then throw in the opposite to keep it from boring.


Think luxurious finishes, bold colours and ornate patterns. Rich luxe saturated colours, feminine curves, metallaics and bling everywhere! This means lacquer walls, plenty of chrome and brass, big statement mirrors. Luxurious fabrics like satin velvet and fur.

This also means bold and rich color palettes - black and white mixed with jade green or teal, lemon yellow, or purple eggplant. Fabrics, chinoiserie, animal skins, leapoard prints, overscaled florals and stripes. Curvy sofas, dramatic drapery, tropical plants. Decorative trims, Greek key, contrasting piping. And for lights, crystal chandeliers are a must!


This style is about everything masculine, sleek and sexy shapes with a strong retro vibe. This style came out in the 50's & 60's rejecting the ornamentation in design and aristocratic attitude that ruled before World War II. Post war people wanted a change so architecture and furniture were stripped back to their functional, sculptural and ergonomic shapes. Furniture became light with slimmer legs and more versatile. Geometric bold patterns and neutrals with pops of bright colours were the trend. The most iconic pieces are the dames style moulded plastic chairs, long streamlined sofas, low long dressers, chrome and brass accents and furniture with tapered legs. Pair warm neutrals with punches of saturated colors such as eggplant, teal, or rich navy.


As a Traditionalist, you love classic and antique furniture, floral prints, balance and lots of molding. This traditional interiors are meant to feel familiar, comfortable, and welcoming. Blues, reds, greens, all have a place in traditional interiors. Wood colors in the same color family ­- walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak ­rule the traditional style and keep the space looking pulled together. Tip: skip chrome accents, instead, burnished brass, aged bronze, and pewter ­give traditional homes elegance and warm undertones.

Of course our spaces tend to be a mix in general, but how interesting would it be if this mix has a twist to it. Imagine a persian rug paired with two midcenture lounge chairs? The trick is to strike a balance in a way that feels personalised. If you are still not sure and would like our help contact us here. Its fun, affordable and easy!


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