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If a Bronze or a petroleum blue kitchen is something you would want to showcase in your home then look no further! Hacker have just launched their new 2017 range in the most amazing finishes in addition to its ever popular white kitchens that also got an update with an industrial titanium cabinets.

Hacker Kitchens, the definitive German luxury kitchen company, is known for their sleek design and outstanding quality, the new ranges offer something for every taste, using colours and textures to stunning effect.

All of these new styles are specifically designed with the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions in mind - Hacker makes the world’s only tropicalized kitchen. These are specially sealed and treated with an anti-fungal layer during the manufacturing process, using a sealant that expands and stretches with temperature. This makes the cabinets less penetrable by moisture, therefore increasing durability. Highlights of the new range include:

Bronze and Mocha Oak

Designed especially with the Middle East in mind, this striking kitchen combines metallics and naturals to stunning effect. The reflections and texture of the bronze cabinets are the perfect match for the sleek mocha oak.

Black Star and Polar White

A real statement design, this kitchen has black volcano stone cabinets for an organic and industrial effect. The rugged shapes of the central island have an even starker look when contrasted with the Polar White cabinets.

Taupe and Mocha Oak

This kitchen is all about light and shine with the Taupe cabinets providing stunning reflections from the Mocha Oak. The sleek glossed effect gives depth an style to the kitchen.

Polar White and Sherry Oak

A twist on classic white, the rustic effect and texture of the Sherry Oak cabinets bring a natural feel to this kitchen. When combined with the sleek handless Polar White it creates a new modern classic.

Velvet Blue

The deep blue tones of this kitchen create a relaxed and calming environment in which to cook and entertain. The rustic seating area is the perfect complement for this stylish scene.

Titanium and Polar White

Taking inspiration from the modern industrial trend, this stunning kitchen incorporates a metallic effect, which contrasts perfectly with the light worktops and cabinets of this Polar


Now these are kitchens you would want in an open plan - definitely a statement of style and taste!

Make sure to visit them on their website to see more.


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