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Salone del Mobile is Milan's annual showcase when pop-up galleries, art exhibitions, and on top of that, the city of Milan truly embraces all things design and we see the emerging industry trends from all around the world. in simple words...Inspiration overload!

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend four days in Milan (thanks to Jotun Paints!) and let’s just say that wasn’t even close to enough time to take in all the city was offering. Truthfully, even a week is not enough to see it all! And while I’m sure there are great events or vendors I missed (Instagram has been giving me major FOMO), these were some of my favourite trends that I am sure we will be seeing everywhere.


I saw alot of dark Walls and dark finishes highlighted by loads of metals whether gold, brass or silver.

Both Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood & 4785 Blue River, which were launched at Ventura Lambrate, both showcase beautiful nuances. The brown with its reddish undertones and the deep elegant and comfortable blue tone which flows easily with a variety of other colours.

The dark tones interiors were also clearly evident in Paolo Castelli's showcase, I was literally drooling over all the slick elegance of the space and its moody lighting!

Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood

Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood

Jotun 4785 Blue River

Paolo Castelli


Paolo Castelli


Everything is soft in the spring, from the breezes, to the bunnies, to the color palettes. The softest palette of all? Pastels.

The third colour from Jotun paints, launched at Ventura Lambrate, was Jotun's 5452 Nordic Breeze, a perfect, light grey-blue colour with a toned down touch that leaves a soothing and cool atmosphere in the room.

There was also the trending pastels in Anette Krogstad's collection of glazed artwork in the form of tableware inspired by the Norwegian winter scape.

Even Ikea's tableware collection featured those pastels beautifully.

Barmen & Brekke also showcased beautiful ceramic & wooden vessels in the most beautiful pastels.

You can work on incorporating pastels into your interior decor without skewing too fussy or feminine by adding them to a high-contrast color scheme. The muted tones soften a graphic mix and add warmth to a stark space.

Jotun's 5452 Nordic Breeze

Anette Krogstad