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I know you guys have been awaiting this makeover reveal for sometime now. Well here it is.... our fastest project ever! Our client was traveling for 11 days to Bali over the summer and they want to come back to a new home without changing it physically! A challenge indeed and we willingly took it! Crazy right! if you were to think about all the current furniture removal, all the paint, ordering, delivery and installation then cleaning you suddenly realize that it was insane to work on a full four bedroom house with two living rooms and bathrooms, entrance and corridors in such a timeline. But we did it and the results were beyond amazing. The family of four came back at 5 AM in the morning to a completely transformed house, the video they sent me of them walking in was mind-blowing and we couldn't be happier that we went beyond their expectiations.

Before - Entrance & Living Room

As in all projects, we met before they travelled to discuss all their needs and requirements, their aspirations for the space. Their likes and dislikes. I then came back to them with design, color and layout proposals after which they agreed to a direction and travelled the next day. They made me promise not to share anything with them over those eleven days - which is very difficult for me as I like to share my excitement with changes along the way - however I respected their wishes and just waited to hear their feedback when they were back.

So it was decided to get rid of all their current furniture with the exception of the kids bedrooms which worked as is but needed a bit of enhancement. We also decided to cancel their dining room as they normally entertained in winter outdoors in their big garden, and instead opt for a smaller dining table in the kitchen. This meant we had extra space to add a second TV area in the main living room, and create another moroccan TV room in the fourth bedroom.

As you may see, their living space was dark and dull because of the dark furniture used so we agreed to go much lighter in tones opting for neutrals with accents of color here in there, mainly turquoise and brick color with natural materials and textures that added depth to the space.

Starting with the entrance, I wanted a stronger statement piece, hence the beautiful golden metal console we got from The One, and matched it with a mirror from 2XL that reiterated the inverted triangles set against Jotun's St. Pauls Blue. For accessories, we kept the metals in silver this time, plus natural materials like coral and a statement agate stone set on a glass pillar. This look was grounded with a geometric Argentina runner from carpet centre's adding sophistication and character. Finally, to liven us the space, I added pedestal with a faux arrangement of orchids (because simply its easier to handle when you have a dark entryway).

Moving into the living room, The walls were first to get the treatment being painted in Jotun's Washed linen 10679 which looks wonderful against all colors. Meanwhile we went ahead and ordered all the furniture for the house. The sofas and tables were selected from The One while the TV Sectional was designed from IKEA's new KIVIK sofa selecting it extra long to optimize on seating. In order to make the best of the furniture pieces, we went for two swivel Luther chairs from West Elm that can be turned toward the formal seating or towards the tv "genius I know!".

Finally for the media unit we got a strong statement piece with its sleek and minimalist stainless steel finish from Marina Home, pairing well with lighter wooden items as well as darker ones.

For accessories I opted for gold and silvers with subtle colors chosen from moroccan mosaics specifically in the artwork selected. For Curtains we opted for a more classic treatment, with their lush fabric - which can be let loosely open when needed. The carpets were the finishing touch and these two absolutely beautiful pieces from Carpet Centre looked fabulous in the space. The final pieces to be installed there were the beautiful cascading waterfall chandeliers from Larsa.

Of course all the furniture got treated with Nano4Life to stay stain free - remember you get a 200AED off when you quote Half Noon Design Studio.

I forgot to mention that somewhere between ordering furniture and paint, the family calls me and tells me they are coming two days early!!! Panic Alert for me as the schedule was already super tight. But somehow we managed!

Continue here with the house tour here to see how we transformed the three bedroom!

Enjoy all the reveal, and let me your thoughts and comments below :)



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