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So continuing with our City Walk rental apartment, (click here if you didn't see it before) we now tour the bedrooms.

For the master bedroom, we kept the same theme of warm grey opting for an Indigo Living bed and wooden sidebeds & dresser. We also decided to contrast that with a beautiful ochre yellow Crate & Barrel carpet and throw pillows. In the corner we added an IKEA arm chair and styled it all with various accents from various shops. While the art was sourced from Gallery.

In the second bedroom we went for lighter shades of washed whites, beiges and brick colors held together with metal accents. A mix of items from Zara Home, Indigo living, Ikea, The One, West Elm and Home Centre helped us achieve the look there.

In the third room we opted for two single beds to best utilize the space. Keeping the grey theme we accented it with sophisticated lush blue velvets and black accents.

You can see how consistent the whole apartment looks throughout with its light airy feel and styled corners. It definitely ticks all the boxes for a home away from home.

If you are feeling a bit lost with your home and wanted to make it look a whole lot like you, why not give us a shout? We'll be happy to help. Just click here.

Happy Styling!


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