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Moving houses can be stressful. Moving countries for a family is a whole different story, especially when you have a busy work schedule with travel involved for both parents. That's when Harf Noon Design Studio got the call to help and furnish this lovely property in Emirates Hills and aid in the transition into the UAE.

The brief was simple, to furnish this property in understated modern luxury with a touch of eclectic. To keep it family friendly and infuse it with a relaxed vibe. Finally to use the furniture and accessories they shipped and add to it where necessary.

Upon seeing the house and its symmetrical layout, both my clients and I agreed that it would be great to keep that symmetry throughout and to bring in color from the surrounding garden and pool into the house to liven it up. And with that decision we opted for a bold color scheme for the entrance and dining room, while keeping the living and television room a bit more subtle and letting the accessories do the play.

We started with scheming the entryway with pieces they already owned like the console table, which they used in their dining room previously, and reused 4 hammered brass mirrors they owned. We also brought in two chairs they had in their previous house and gave them a new life by upholstering them in a lush yellow green velvet and added a West Elm cushion in its tribal velvet print. We pulled all the pieces together by making the accent wall a beautiful deep green blue from Jotun Paints. Accessories in brass and white marble further enhanced the look and family photos made the entry warmer and more inviting. The final touch was Carpet Centre's beautiful modern carpet which combined all the colors in the entrance.

For the Living room, our client wanted to split the space into two areas - a seating area and an entertainment area where you can sit and play board games with the kids or play the piano and violin. The walls were stark white so we warmed them up with Jotun's 10679 washed linen to play as the background for all the furniture we chose. The look we went for a relaxed luxe feel with lush deep blue velvets contrasted with concrete finish coffee tables and accents of brass everywhere. We opted for a midcentury style three velvet 3 seaters - very Don Draper - sourced from Indigo Living, while the arm chairs in printed linen material and studs gave grounded the overall seating space and created a focal point of symmetry balanced with two linen upholstered foot stools. The Carpets held the seating area all together while the wall art allowed your eyes to travel upwards and venture into the intricate design whether it was in the metal art or the ceramic art. The side lamps reiterated the China blue while the drum stools, which were the clients own, allowed for extra table / seating space when needed.