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What do you do when you have just moved into your newly built house and have been quite occupied with settling in that it becomes quite overwhelming? You call the experts for help!

We were very delighted to have been called in to assist this lovely family in Sharjah to finish off what they have started and give them the home of their dreams.

They had heard about Half Noon Design Studio services from another client and knew they would get the classy and inviting space they wanted and within the budget they had set.

Although they had picked the furniture for the living area, and the curtains and lighting, the dining and the entrance were yet to be tackled. We had a meeting and profiled what worked and what didn't and the best layout to work with so that it is kid friendly yet no skimpy on accessories. Offered ample seating without feeling cluttered and was just inviting and warm. (The before pictures are at the end!).

The first step was to check what they already owned so that we don't pay on what they didn't need. We also flipped the two arm chairs so they rest against the window instead of the middle of the room. This helped anchor the room and give it a better flow. We also decided to let go of the Television unit and hang the TV directly on the wall since the unit didn't have any utilitarian need except to hold the television stand.

From there on we designed the overall scheme of the space, the colors and the pieces that best completed it. By brining the two sofas off the wall we were able to get a more cosy seating arrangement especially with the Navy bench we added for Crate & Barrel which closed the circle. To anchor it we added the Merinos Carpet that grounded it all together. We completed the living space with agate lighting on both end tables and accessories from 2XL, The One, Zara Home as well as coffee table books form Virgin (here's a list of my favorite titles)