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“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoya, Designer

This little project came after we finished the clients main living spaces in their lovely Emirates Hills home. Our client decided that it was time to spruce up their bedroom as well. The bedroom, the space where one should always feel at peace; the place where we start and end our day; the space where we spend at least 6 to 8 hours a day sleeping as well as getting dressed, relax and spend special moments with our loved ones.

Our clients already had a bed, bedding and had decided on a mauve colour for the accent wall behind the bed. The large space lent itself to feeling a tad cold and empty, so we carefully selected a few gorgeous pieces of furniture and accessories that immediately gave the space a new sense of life. We opted for textured elements and incorporated colour and shape that created that feeling of ultimate comfort and class.

Tranquility is the key to any bedroom design, so we chose a classic deep navy that would complement the existing mauve colour very well. Both colours can have a calming effect over one’s mind and soul but can at times be quite uplifting and stimulating. Navy is also a colour that instills confidence and trust (fun fact).

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do as you get up is to put your feet on the floor. Therefore, it is very important to have that initial soft touch from a beautifully woven carpet like the show stopper of this space – the beautiful navy and white MALVA carpet from Carpet Centre . It is traditional yet contemporary. This large carpet instantly just gave the space a massive visual boost.

Next, we chose a super comfy lounge chair for one corner of the room, for those lazy days where you just want to curl up with a book or take time out to chill. We opted for a lovely purple throw from Pottery Barn for that extra sense of comfort which adds dimension and gives a great sense of character to the overall space. A luxurious small, round marble table from The ONE was placed next to the lounge chair as well as some faux lavender flowers in a beautiful blue and gold vase (The ONE) which contributed an element of freshness.

There’s no need to go overboard with artwork in the bedroom, but having different points of interest that leads the eye is very important. Therefore, we decided to go with a very delightful and somewhat inspiring piece that rounds off this little corner in the bedroom perfectly. A mirror is an awesome design element, be it standing or wall hung, it can make a room seem larger and brighter. In our case it was put in place for the occasional outfit-check but still adds to the overall charm of the room.

The bed is centered to two gorgeous mirror side tables, also from The ONE, giving the sense of elegance and creating a point of visual interest as they reflect their surroundings. They are complimented by two large standing lamps from one of our favorite shops, Pan Emirates. We opted for a bit of contemporary charm with the addition of a very cool geometric console table (2XL) to the room, which added just that extra bit of modern appeal to the overall space.

A room wouldn’t be complete without a few personal touches – like the bench at the end of the bed – highlighting that gorgeous deep navy from the carpet we chose as well as accentuating the overall appeal of the bed itself. We finished off this wonderful space with the addition a few throw cushions. Now, the million-dollar question,… “how many throw cushions should I have?” There should be enough to make your bed look luxurious and inviting when properly made, yet not so many that getting in to bed requires 15 minutes of excavating! The ideal amount is usually between 2 and 6. Velvet textures combined with sequined cushions and wonderfully woven throws from The ONE and Pottery Barn were the ideal choice to finish off the space.

As a little extra touch, we included two decorative boxes, one on each side of the bed. The idea is to either leave your jewelry in the box when you go to bed or use it as a LOVE box – one partner occasionally leaves the other partner a letter of gratitude or appreciation, or even a small gift as a token of their love for one another.

Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the outcome of their new and improved bedroom (especially that we kept it 20% under the set budget!) and we wish them many comfy and relaxing nights to come.

Before// The Bedroom

Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.



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