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When our Emirates Hills client asked us to also do his office, we jumped right at it.

We’ve redesigned studio apartments, villas, rooms & shops, pretty much every size and kind of interior out there. An office space will just lead the wait to our first spaceship commission!

The JLT office is a nice open space with a nice small entrance, a seating area, a main closed office, a meeting room, and the work desks in the centre of it all.

The office was already fitted with the office furniture, an industrial looking grey textured wallpaper and awesome cosmos looking LED lighting. We had to make it all less officy and more casual looking so it still says serious but with identity and warmth (I mean they do spend hours here so why not make it a whole lot more appealing). The twist? we had to deliver all this on a super tight budget of under 10K! So it was mostly budget friendly purchases.

The overall look we opted for was one of ultimate comfort and lightness with carefully selected pieces of furniture and accessories that immediately brought the space to life.

To stay true to that feeling, we opted for a slick turquoise coloured seating in the lounge (from Dragon Mart!) and a Pan Emirates wooden modern shaped wooden table. The Ikea rug brought in a bit more colour and we pulled that ochre colour from it into a throw pillow from The One.

In the entryway, we brought in a shelving unit in matching wood grain from Pan Emirates and created more interest in that corner we standing lamp flanked with a beautiful off-white The One arm chair and side table. To finish it off we styled it with all the books in the office, a candle and framed memorabilia our client already owned.

We went pretty simple with accessories throughout, opting to use books, candles, and some metallic art pieces that says serious yet trendy casual! So it was mostly Pan Emirates, Ikea and some Crate & Barrel.

swelction This office might have trouble sending employees home past work hours! Its a lot more enjoyable now! Don't you think?

Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.



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