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Today, I’m sharing ways to style your bedroom. The truth is, I almost never style my bedroom the same way more than once. I simply love the art of styling too much to do so and will be showing you two different looks today – both of which will relax your senses after a long day.

First, let’s talk about the basics of your bed making which consists of the following in white:

A sheet set

A coverlet

A duvet

A set of standard or king pillowcases

Now it’s time to get creative!

Look 1

Even though I love change, my preference is to keep things symmetrical.

The coverlet goes on first. This one is the perfect width to meet the top of the bed frame, so I don’t tuck it in. The duvet is then folded into thirds at the end of the bed.

Next up – the pillows. I like to start with two big pillows. These are a bit of an investment, but worth it. Honestly, the first time I saw them, I thought they would be the new staple (And I still think that)! I have used two for this look and they go on the bed next to the headboard. In front of the big pillows, I added two king size pillows in cases which provide depth.

The decorative pillows include two euro shams and a cute lumbar pillow. I always try to make sure the pillows that show the most have a pretty design or texture, especially when using all white or neutrals.

Look 2

Once again, I began with a coverlet and duvet. This time the duvet is tucked in for a slightly more tailored look.

The rows of pillows start with two standard pillowcases in the back. They have extra long decorative trim, which you can see even though they are behind all of the additional pillows. Next, I added two euros, then I finished the look with one big pillow.

Additionally, there are two more decorative pillows consisting of a large and a medium lumbar variety. The ones I chose are hand blocked and have cute tassels which keep them interesting. Tassels are popular now and often add a whimsical vibe that keeps bedding from looking too formal.

Then the nightstand. It must combine form and function, reflect your style, be your right hand man and house the nightly essentials. No pressure. The aforementioned essentials can vary from one home to another. In our home, you will find the following items on our nightstands: lamps, a decorative tray, a vase to house fresh flowers, candles and finally a clock. Let’s elaborate on each of these for a moment as the importance of each should be noted.

Table Lamp – This is going to be the centerpiece of your nightstand. Make sure the size of the lamp is appropriate for the nightstand it will call home. After your bed and linens, the table lamp is probably going to be the most notable item in your bedroom. Aside from the main function of providing light, it offers a bit of balance and ties the look together.

Decorative Tray or dish – On my side of the bed, and let’s give homage to that for a moment as we all have a side of the bed we call home (even in hotels), you will find a decorative tray. It is essential for housing everything from jewelry that I need to take off prior to sliding under the covers to a catch all for lip balm and glasses. It will help you maintain order and keep the nightstand looking tidy.

Vase – It is important to keep peace and serenity in the bedroom. Nothing does that better than freshly cut flowers housed in a perfectly selected vase for your nightstand. They soften the look of nearly every bedroom ensemble. Relaxing is important as we prepare to sleep so we can take on tomorrow’s challenges.

Scented Candle – Romance should be a component that is not overlooked when decorating your nightstands. A lovely jasmine or vanilla scented candle is the perfect addition here. Try to find candles that work with your color scheme. Many are available in their own decorative containers or you can keep them a bit more simple and utilize your own votive holders.

Clock – Some might feel they are becoming a bit of a relic. Typically you will find them digitized and I find that unfortunate. Nothing screams business and work more than a digital clock. This is your bedroom. A softer and more artistic look is required here.

Pictures - You can always add a photo frame of your loved ones next to the bed - space permitting or place it on the other night stand so that its not all match matchy.

If you are eager for more inspiration, click on the bedroom projects below!

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