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Of late we have slowly started to venture more into the corporate field of design, and so, we were thrown into the deep end a few weeks ago when we were asked to do an office make over from concept to design and installation in, wait for it …SEVEN DAYS… Yes, you read that correctly, only seven days!! Once the panic was over and we got our stuff together, we saw this project as a huge challenge, but we knew we would easily be able to pull it off. Regardless of how we get to that finish line, we simply pull up our sleeves and get stuck right in.

After quickly putting together a design proposal, we figured the best way to make this office go from drab to fab in 7 days was through introducing their brand colours, and lots of it! This media office space was screaming for a face lift, it needed a sense of renewal and upliftment. The quickest way to make any space look different in a short space of time is by introducing paint and that’s exactly what we did. We decided to go with a uniform stripe, green and grey, that would run throughout most of the main areas as to lead one’s eye from one space to the next. We also introduced accents of bright orange and red as pops of bold colour in the main entrances. We added some wall decals to personalise the space - company values and sayings - to tie everything together.

We introduced some lovely soft furnishings, two bright orange chairs in the reception from PAN Emirates as well as a couple of super comfy grey high back chairs complimented by an the Ypperlig coffee table from Ikea - just to give the office entrance a more comfortable and welcoming look rather than stark and sterile. We replaced the old desk of the security guard with an amazing new desk from Office Master which we absolutely LOVE as it is so sleek and modern and adds a whole new vibe to the main entrance. To give each space a bit more life, we introduced loads of faux and real plants around the office which we also sourced from Ikea.

In the manager’s offices, we added a few soft furnishings just to make the spaces feel a bit cosier and more comfortable. We chose the lovely Stenlille carpet from Ikea as well as a few throw cushions for that extra pop of colour and texture. In addition to this space we opted for the Stockholm 2017 standing lamp for when the stark fluorescent lights become just too much during those late nights of working in the office. We also added art pieces where the walls begged for some.

Our client has meetings every morning and one of her requests was for more seating, so we chose the textured Banner stool Poufs from Homecentre, such a versatile and handy piece of furniture, as it is a seat and table that fits into each other so saves on space. The idea behind this area was to make you feel like you are at home rather than the office, so a few plants and decorative accessories, and job done, we achieved a very comfortable and efficient office .

We also had to rework the second entrance, an area where visitors and guests wait while filming, as not only was it a waiting and screening area but also a coffee station. We used their existing seating which was fine, but recreated the entire coffee station by using three Ivar units from Ikea, clean and simple storage solutions to hide all the extra bits that do not need to be on display. Pops of colour with orange wooden vases from Pan emirates, with faux foliage and a display of clip boards with all the logos and shows being filmed up on display to bring the space together. We used the same striped decal from the corporate colours on one of the walls in the seating area as well as in the main entrance and painted the railings here a bright red as another point of interest.

All in all, as stressful as this project was, we really had fun playing around with a colour palette we do not normally use in homes. Overall we really enjoyed this office design. Will there be more? Definitely! Watch this space in 2019.

Oh... but we could not forget the BEFORE pictures so here you go...

Are you ready for making your space go from drab to fab? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.


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