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It’s not often that we get a big custom project, but when we do, we make it count.

Our client brief consisted of one thing, and one thing only, …STORAGE.

This beautiful house situated on one of the Palm Fronds has lovely spacious rooms, but they needed more storage. The challenge here was to give them enough storage whilst still making it look fabulous.

The project consisted of a Master Bedroom which needed a total reshuffle and storage solutions, a children’s bedroom complete makeover and then finally, to create a gaming room for two young boys and their friends which could double up as another bedroom.

Challenge accepted!

What an exciting project this was. We get SO amped when asked to do custom designs. We started off in the master by reconfiguring the entire bedroom and decided to create a whole wardrobe wall that also doubles up as a TV unit facing the bed. We also added a comfy little seating area in front of the bed with two chairs and a table that the client already had but was used elsewhere. We added brand new, bigger side tables with lamps and a beautiful chest of drawers from Meroe.

They had an existing wardrobe in the space but that was not enough considering the amount of clothing that had to be stored, so we took that wardrobe as inspiration and added to it to create a bigger unit that is not only functional but that flows into the rest of the space.

Due to the bed now being against the wall, which has two slightly large doors with shutters that go out to the balcony, we had to come up with a clever design to hide the shutters. We introduced the idea of a faux padded wall and curtains, and in front of this is the existing headboard and bed. We wanted to match the mood of the view from their bedroom looking out on to the beach, so we opted to complement the existing blues and aqua of some of the furnishings in the space. We then added a few neutral colours that would blend in to the rest of the room. We wanted to give the client a space that is tranquil, stress free and a place to hide-out from their busy lives where they can just ‘be’. We used Jotun colour NCS S 0804-G60Y for the walls which is a soft pale green that balances with the rest of the space very well.

For the boy’s bedroom we decided to give them a more mature look-and-feel as they are starting to enter their pre-teen phase –a place where both boys have enough space for their belongings and feel comfortable. The new desk and wall shelving are definitely the focal point of this room, but we had to give them enough storage space without overpowering the entire room. We went with Jotun Retro Blue 5159 as a colour scheme complemented by a light wooden grain texture and accents of metal.

For each of the boys we chose a brand new Camp bed from Pottery Barn, bedding from Ikea as well as bedside tables and a new bedside lamp. The desk itself is floating and on either end of the desk each child has their own set of drawers. Just off the centre of the desk we introduced a hidden storage space with a flushed hinged lid, instead of another conventional drawer as it takes less space and is more interesting. All the cupboard doors have been fitted with push-open latches for easy and seamless access.

Lastly was the Gaming room, a bit of a challenge as the room is quite small and we had to fit a lot in there.

We opted for the Jotun Moss Green Grey 7354 on the walls as the darker room is better for gaming–as was the requirement from our 12-year-old client!

Next up was the focal point of the space, the Murphy bed. Not only did we add storage to the top of the bed, but we custom designed it in such a way that when it folds back it becomes a comfortable sofa for the kids to hang out on and chill.

For the gaming desk, we wanted to keep it simple and sleek so opted for a light wooden grain with ample leg room and a stained black wooden top with a pull-out section for a keyboard or controller. And for ease of access to all the cabling coming from behind the desk, cut-outs were made which also create a seamless appearance. Finally, we also created a brand-new toy cabinet for this space including two fold-down shoe drawers which was one of the client’s main requirements.

All in all, this project came together extremely well, due to the care and attention we paid to the clients brief as well as the custom designs themselves and we are so pleased with the final outcome. It also helps when you have a client with a clear vision but who is happy to leave the final design and execution to the professionals.

Ofcourse we cannot leave you without Before pictures, so here they are:

Before // Master Bedroom

Before // Kids Room

Before // Game Room


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