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Excerpts from my interview with The National Newspaper.

How did the collaboration start?

When an amazing opportunity comes towards you you should just grab it!

I have always wanted to be involved in sourcing accessories that I feel actually work for the UAE & Arab market, however as a designer I couldn't do it on my own as I'm not in the retail world, hence when KnotHome approached with me the opportunity to be involved in the selection process, materials, colors and finish decision making, I jumped right at it. The process was quite lengthy as you would expect from any new business launch. It was a joint decision that the Harf Noon Design Studio Collection would be right there with the launch of the brand.

What was the inspiration behind it all?

The collection derives from trending colors that came our of Maison & Objet & Saloni De Mobil; with the intricacies and detail of the design and the graceful presence of the items and how the effect they have on their surroundings. I wanted the materials in the collection, despite their differences, to give a coherent effect and presence. Whether used as a single piece or as an entire collection, theres a dialogue between them, and they command your attention and appreciation - I like to think of them as conversation starters. Whether its the effect of the mouth blown glass light and how it casts the rays overlapping beautifully when lit. or the versatile dotted trinket box with its beautiful velvet interior, the pieces are meant to compliment each other in colors and materials.

Why do you think collaborations in the design world are so important today? How can they help businesses and their customers?

Today, it takes more than just a good product to succeed. it has become extremely important to collaborate as this leads to fresh ideas and perspectives, it also provides value for both the designer and the business and definitely create unique value to the customers. As designers we know what our customers are looking for, sometimes we have insights that the businesses might have not known and this definitely means bigger opportunities.

But not just any collaboration will do – brands that partner with one another must also When there’s fit (shared values, goals and target audiences), brand collaborations not only shape perception, expand awareness and excite existing believers – they give everyone something to talk about.

In fact in my belief, collaborations are no longer optional for a brand’s success: they’re a strategic imperative. A thoughtfully-executed collaboration of brands, styles or designs can greatly enhance brand recognition and build an audience of like-minded individuals who become loyal to both entities involved.

What collaborations by other designers have you found most inspiring? Why?

Oh there are many, the latest Tom Dixon and IKEA is certainly one to look out for as it makes designer items accessible to the masses. But another one I truly loved is the Kelly Wearstler X Georg Jensen collection where the striking combination of Danish minimalism with the LA Cool resulted in a beautiful challenge where they had to develop new metal working techniques in order to realize the pieces. This is exactly what makes collaborations interesting - and why design is a problem solving tool. Its fun!

Why should someone buy something from the collection?

The pieces are meant to inject a sense of magic and a lustrous spirit to a space. Designed to reflect light and warmth around an interior, the collection is quite versatile and can fit in any interior from classic to contemporary or eclectic. The items themselves are conversation starters and are beautifully manufactured with amazing finish minus the crazy prices. Whats best is you can buy it from the website, and if for any reason you don't like it, you can return it within 7 days for free!

Do you have any other collaboration projects ongoing or on the horizon?

Yes i have collaborated with Ame Creative Studios to create various tablescapes using their gorgeous flower arrangements, the result truly looked like a true work of art - a still life!

Theres also one more collab for this year but cannot reveal it yet but its very exciting :)

What other collaborations have you done in the past, and which was your favourite? Why?

I have a created two collections of Harf Noon Carpets for Carpet Center in Dubai and these have been incredibly successfull. They are continuously restocking them mainly because of their contemporary design and their neutral hues in ivory, silver, dark grey, light blue and light blush. I'm also working on a third collection towards the end the year. I think when you find the right collaboration the ideas flow and the entire process despite being more challenging is enjoyable - moving from an idea to a finished piece in a wonderful singular journey each and every time.there's nothing more rewarding than working for months then seeing your designs produced and in other people's houses!

You can now purchase the entire collection from the ease of your couch and have it delivered with two days for free - and free returns too!

Check out what has been said on the collaboration by Architectural Digest, InsideOut, Better Living & A&E World.


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