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I’m obsessed with decorating and redecorating... which is why I decided to share with you some tips to styling shelves easily, the way I do!

I truly believe in the power of surrounding yourself with beautiful things that make you feel your best. One of my favorite ways to add a little spice to a room without doing a huge style overhaul is to redesign your bookcases. Keep scrolling for five easy tips for anyone, from a master DIY-er to a newbie decorator, to use to style their shelves:

  • Set the stage: if you’re up for a project, try adding some personality to whatever bookshelf you’re working with. You can adjust the heights on certain shelves to make them less uniform, cut poster board or wallpaper to fit and slide it behind your shelves as a background, or if you’re feeling artsy, paint your shelving unit a new color. I love how chic my black bookcase looks.

  • Play with your books & magazines: There’s no rule that says your books have to be lined up in a row. I like to mix it up and create stacks of books and vary a few vertical arrangements mixed in with horizontal ones. It creates great dimension and height — super important for visual interest!– and it creates room for you to show off your objets d’arte.

  • Think of color: It’s no secret that I love color. It adds so much life to design! To apply that philosophy to your interiors, try grouping your books by color. More minimal when it comes to your personal preference? Try turning all your books around so the spines face out. Did you notice the color green repeating in on my shelves?

  • Make it a gallery: You don’t have to fill every inch of your bookcase. In fact, it looks quite luxe to leave it a little sparse. I suggest making room for little extras, like bookends, decorative pottery, framed pictures and let these beautiful items stand on their own.

  • Sneak in storage: If your space is at a premium, you’re going to want to do the exact opposite of the above point. Rather than cluttering up your newly revamped space, look for pretty little boxes (like the silver zara box I used) to stash your small treasures in. They’re gorgeous, and they make finding your accessories a snap.



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