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So a couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Dubai Television where I shared my community initiative - Hamzet Wasl همزة وصل.

This initiative started around a year ago when I was struggling with my kids not being able to talk proper arabic due to the fact that their school and surrounding environment is largely non arabic (which is surprising seeing we live in an Arabic Islamic country). Although I had enrolled my kids in arabic camps and programs around Dubai for a couple of times, I was not seeing the proper change I wanted!

That's when I decided that it was up to me to do something about it. I went to my laptop and started a facebook group within our compound in Jumeirah Village Triangle, where I reached out to like Arab families and seeked their interest in starting a group that meets once a week in one of our houses where kids can meet like arab kids, conversate with them, read books and engage in activities all in Arabic.

There was a huge interest, and we started the initiative involving kids of ages 4 - 9 weekly on a variety of topics ranging from days of the week, to animals and colors, to events like summer holidays, Ramadan and Eid.

Each week one of the moms would host the group and run a topic. The kids not only enjoyed meeting new friends who are like them, but learned that its ok to make mistakes while conversating and to learn new words in a fun playful environment.

I'm so delighted to say that the idea has spread to other communities where our friends reside and now there's a Hamzet Wasl in Downtown Dubai and in the Arabian Ranches.

The feeling post finishing one of these meetups is beyond fulfilling especially when you start seeing the change in the kids and their confidence levels.

Would you like to conrtiubute to your community and to preserve the Arabic Language? Are you interested in starting an arabic group where you live?

Contact me and I'll be able to hook you up with like parents and we can start a Domino effect all around... no matter the location!

Check out the Hamzet Wasl Facebook Group here.

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