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Continuing with our previous project reveal posts, the living & dining room (here) and the entrance (here), we know reveal to you the kitchen breakfast area which is now a relaxed lounge for spending lazy afternoons continuing with the laid back vibe to the house.

The breakfast area has direct entrance to the garden in the back meaning it can get quite messy as well with bbq's, and friends accessing the kitchen! The approach here was to keep it minimal yet clean.

We got rid of the acid green walls and opted for Jotun's beautiful dark blue 'Oslo 5180' which contrasts beautifully with the white french doors.

I replaced the old orange couch with an Ikea's Sofabed that proved handy when extra guests were around.

I then added a pile of pillows all from H&M home, added a rustic coffee table from Homes'R'Us , and accessorised it with items various items from H&M Home and items that the family already owned.

The high gloss white bar chairs came from IKEA too and will now be very handy for quick breakfasts on the bar.

It now looks a lot more like a space we would hang out in chit chatting over dinner and bbq cooking!

Are you thinking of a makeover too? chat to us here.

Happy Styling!

Harf Noon

Before - The Kitchen

After - A Cosy place perfect for tea!

Check out the rest of the house tour here.





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