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So if you have seen the previous post of this project's living & dining space (here) you would have already felt the laid back overall vibe to the house. I wanted this feeling to start right as you step into the house.

For the entrance, I wanted a bit of shock, so we used the already existing wooden and brass console table and layered it with a huge image of a Lion (a twist on the cats in the house!) and added a bit of whimsy with a white porcelain horse, a white bone necklace and Jewellery box all siting on a backdrop of Jotun's 'Elegant Blue' Double height wall.

Using my '5 Pieces Rule' again, the formula was applied as follows:

Something Textured/Patterned:Jute Rug

Something Modern/Old: Indian wooden console

Something Organic: The Greenery!

It was all a matter of starting with a clean canvas, painting the walls in Jotun's 'Jazz White', and accenting it with 'Elegant Blue' then layering the now bright space with accessories from The One, Tribe Dubai (read more about them here), Dubai Garden Center and Pottery Barn.

As you enter the corridor into the house there is a continuous the transition into the space under the architectural arches as I lined them with three massive pillar votives in brass and silver that take you to the kitchen and breakfast area (more on this reveal and the bedroom in an upcoming blogpost).

Quite a transformation! Are you thinking of a makeover too? chat to us here.

Happy Styling!

Harf Noon

Before - The Entrance

After - A Contrasting welcome!

Check out the rest of the house tour here.





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