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I will call this post the 'Great Finale!' The last room in the house mega makeover (here)!

For the Master bedroom, the couple and I agreed that grey would be the way. We wanted the understated elegance and the comfort that comes with it.

Although the walls were already grey, we changed the shade into a slightly bluer shade of grey picking Jotun's 'Evening Sky' for the big wall behind the bed and complimenting it with 'Objective'.

The glamour and pizzaz came with our choice of bed which came from The One Fusion, the perfect combination of the material and its details. The greyish velvet with the golden studs, the mirror framing and the metallic wood took the room to the next level. That plus the matching side beds and the mega white metal side lamps.

Complete comfort was in the choice of the 400 thread count Egyptian cotton bedlinen with their elegant embroidery also from the One Fusion.

We kept the accessories simple with some silver frames the family already owned, a candle and a much needed alarm clock (that can stay silent as far as we are concerned!)

Jazzing it all up was the beautiful grecian key carpet from the Carpet Centre.

Their Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday mornings will definitely be spent in bed!! Don't you agree?!

Happy Styling!

Harf Noon

Before - The Master Bedroom

After - Can we dive right in?

Check out the rest of the house tour here, here and here





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