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So here it is folks... my own Copenhagen City Guide! 4 days would have been enough for us, but we decided to stay and extra day and chill around the city.

What a city! friendly people, multicultural, super clean (you should check out their public bathrooms!) full of design, kids friendly with loads of playgrounds, and sports facilities.

If you are staying for a few days, I highly recommend the apartment we booked via Air B&B check it out here. Alternatively, you can stay at the Copenhagen Marriot Hotel, where we stayed our last days post cruise before travelling back to Dubai. Oh and everywhere you go you'll either find ducks or swans to feed, a kids favourite too!

You can easily ride bikes here just like in London, Paris and Amsterdam. The only thing I warn you of is the weather,,, like they say, it changes like a woman changes her mind! You will notice I'm dressed in short sleeves on one day and boots on another! but that's the way it is there!


No other museum in Denmark shows such a rich and varied selection of art history - from the early Renaissance to the art of tomorrow. Here's the best of everything, painting, sculptures, drawings, graphics, photography, video works and installation art 0 in short 700 years of art in the heart of Copenhagen.


Art, culture and history is gathered at Kind Christian 4 renaissance castle, which is on of Copenhagen suburban's finest museums. A tour of this castles beautiful rooms is a journey through 500 years of Danish history. The story is told through portraits, paintings, furniture and decorative arts. What an amazing collection it is...A stroll in the park adjacent to it is just as lovely too!


Our favourite spot was Copenhagen's oldest neighbourhood with its small, narrow streets and crooked houses.

Here you will find a myriad of great boutiques, cosy cafes, restaurants, galleries and charming canals.

The main artery of Copenhagen's Old Town is a pedestrianised street "Straedet" that runs from Hojbro Plads to Vester Voldgaede. Straedet is a street known for its many design and retails shops. It also brims with pleasant cafes serving food and beverages outside as well as inside. You can easily spend a day along Straedet and its many small side streets - shop for your home or closet, find that perfect gift and enjoy afternoon coffee... did I also mention you get 20% back on your items as de-tax?!


We obviously had to do this since the kids were with us, but even if you had no kids, the Gardens off a wide variety of venues, rides and amusements. Tivoli Gardens has something for all ages and sizes. Go for a stroll though a beautiful flower gardens and enjoy a wonderful dinner at one of the many different restaurants.


The National Museum of Denmark, in the heart of Copenhagen, is the museum where you can experience the story of Denmark from the first Mesolithic hunters to the last hash stall from Christiania. The museum also has a large collection of objects from cultures all over the globe.

In it you can explore Denmark's earliest prehistory and see treasures from Viking raids, prehistoric bodies from bogs and mounds (the kids particularly liked these!) and the Sun Chariot - a unique Bronze Age object made of bronze and gold, depicting a horse figure pulling a sun disc. Other prehistoric highlights include the Gundestrup Cauldron and the famous Golden Horns.

The museum also has a kids section depicting various cultures and kid related activities, I highly recommend it if you are visiting with your kids.