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And just like that, we're in 2017!! I’ve been easing myself back into the reality of the week around here after feeling like I took an actual break from the daily grind these past two weeks. I gotta say – it felt GOOD (although we had major giveaways worth more than 10,000 AED!) . And while I may be behind on things like making resolutions and answering emails, I have to say that a slower pace is just what I’ve been needing.

In the meantime, I thought we’d start 2017 off with the must trends in Home Decor for 2017.


I feel the tribal influence is making a come back as we move toward a more nature embracing urban dwelling and detoxing from technology by going back to slow and low analog technologies, old crafts, imperfect forms and handcrafted elements. You will see these in simple color palettes in fabrics, art, wall treatments and even lighting. It helps to give a space that unique and added edge. Why not do a bit of shopping @whitemossdecor for that perfect tribal piece?


With the Pantone color 'Greenery' taking center stage, there is no doubt that it will pop up in all tones n rooms across the design spectrum. It is lively, organic and rich. You will see it in small doses such as in accessories and objets and also in larger upholstered pieces and wallpaper. This hue will have a dramatic impact from emerald to chartreuse, green will be big this year. I suggest using it on wall paint like Jotun's Evergreen 8479.

On the other side of Green though is the Blue in its calming tones. The newest shade from Jotun 'St. Pauls Blue' is the perfect compliment to various shades. Head to @jotunpaintsarabia for some inspiration.




Whether in collections of vases or pots, lamps, light fixtures, wall hangings, you name it. Ceramic provides a raw looking, artisanal finish that is earthy and very on-trend right now.


Everything right now is more about raw textures rather than the super shiny finished look of the past. You will see this trend take shape in furniture, accessories and even cabinetry.

Natural clay, stone, concrete, uncoated timber, metals that develops a certain patina over time (think brass & copper).



Everything right now is more about raw textures rather than the super shiny finished look of the past. You will find cork in applied in all sorts objects. From wallpaper, to 3D wall tiles, flooring, sinks and furniture. You will find very interesting executions that can be easily incorporated into any room. Check out @MBMCORKDESIGN for their collections of versatile sustainable & eco friendly products.


Contrary to minimalism we are seeing much more maximalism. Gone are the super clean, plain, unadorned rooms of the past few years. Lines remain clean but prints are layered in and colors pop. More is more and it's super fun. This year we are taking this Iris Apfel approach. Pile on the prints!

Now, if you're feeling inspired and what to get your home up-to-date in 2017 then pop right over here to start your own room project today.


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