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Set in the beautiful Green Community, I was asked by a lovely family of five to transform and update their home into something that looked a little more like them.

The family's aesthetic is a mixture of ethereal and edgy… think Alexander McQueen meets Tom Ford. So how do you refine a space without loosing the house's artistic nature?

The first thing we tackled were the walls in the whole house. Paint always immensely transforms a space. The living room had dark maroon walls, while other parts in the house had plain white walls. Considering the color scheme I had envisioned for the space, I knew I wanted a warm color to welcome you as you came into the space. Jotun's Anonymous 1864 was just perfect for this as it had the modern edge that also worked with the light reflective console and mirror we had bought from The One & Marina Homes.

I was lucky that the family already owned plenty of unique art pieces and home accessories that we just shuffled around the house to create new interest corners as you came into the vast space.

Under the stairs we created a little chilled corner with a mustard color velvet chair, from Marina Home, perfect for waiting in or taking a call privately. The next space we tackled in a warm grey tone was the tiny transition space that took you to the main living room. we also dressed this space with a nice handmade cabinet from Marina Home and another piece of 3D art placed strategically so its the first thing you see when you come in. The final addition that went in there was a beautiful silk and cowskin carpet that the family received as a gift.

Next the living room walls were changed into a light gray color in Jotun's Objective 1973 and using furniture with the right scale chosen from The One Fusion were matched with the big space. We also upholstered two red chairs in a patterned velvet fabric and finished off the space with a beautiful grey patterned silk carpet from Carpet Centre.

Moving into the Dining room, we reorganized the accessories and had the walls painted that same light grey shade. The overall space was also dressed in elegant iKat curtains that were thick enough to offer privacy but light enough to allow light to come into the room.

More beautiful wall colors were applied in the guest bedroom where we used Jotun's Evergreen 8479, beautifully complimenting the watercolors hanging above the bed. A beautiful indigo for the master bedroom where a unique triptych line drawing prints hangs. In the boys room we opted for a more toned down blue that went well with the Pottery Barn Kids bedroom.

All in all the house magically looks lighter and warmer than when they started and they truly feel its a home they want to spend many more years in surrounded by family and friends.

Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.



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