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So continuing with our transformation of the Alma House occupied by a lovely Moroccan family of four and their dog, (if you haven't checked the downstairs transformation click here) we now move upstairs where we did all the bedrooms.

Before - Master Bedroom

Starting with the Master bedroom where again all the furniture was given away, we started with a blank slate with only an open cabinet. I Decided to change the overall layout by centring the bed so it sits between the two windows and moving the cabinets in front of the bed which made the room much more balanced.

In terms of colour scheme I wanted to keep it coherent with the rest of the house colours, so we went for a lush dark grey velvet bed and lighter grey studded bedsides, both from The One all set against freshly painted walls in Jotun's Smooth White 8470 which gave a certain warmth to the room. The space was finished off by a beautiful rug from carpet centre and absolutely gorgeous custom made curtains in toned down gold and greige colours. Ofcourse we made sure to order sliding mirror doors from IKEA that multiplied the space and light ten folds and bought fresh new linen and bed covers for the bed (unfortunately didn't have time to get those ironed amidst the rush of things!)

For accessories, I kept the gold and silver metallic theme throughout the wall art, which was a catch from Home Centre. The small vases and the silver tray were another catch from H&M home while the beautiful ceiling lamp was sourced from Larsa lighting.

After - Master Bedroom