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Earlier this year, we were approached by a lovely couple who have just purchased a new property and were eager to do some renovations and completely furnish it from scratch. Leaving behind all their furniture and starting fresh.

The brief was to use minimal color and keep the freshness of the space. Elegant yet easy to live in. And we wanted this consistency throughout the house.

Unfortunately due to delays from the developer, there were endless delays. The kitchen took the longest to get in and install and we couldn't get the furniture in until demolition and renovation was done, otherwise everything is going to get in the way and will be dusty and dirty! Long story short, our clients finally received their apartment, but we had already agreed on the mood boards and the furniture pieces which makes the entire process a whole lot easier and quicker. It was a matter of sourcing the finishing touches and awaiting deliveries and orders.

The entire color scheme was various shades of grey interrupted with a deep navy and live greens. We also used alot silver and mirrors to flood the entire space with bouncing light.

As you enter you are welcomed by our favorite artists work, Racha El Abbas Ayat Al Kursi, customized to the space colors with silver leaf dots. The living / dining space is a vast space, so we divided it by splitting the area into two, the main sofa was placed in the middle of the room and we placed an indigo living console behind it to ground and designate the areas accordingly.

We opted for a light grey Bernhardt set from Interiors furniture and added contrasting custom made navy blue cushions to it to compliment the two navy blue arm chairs we sourced from 2XL. The feature of the room was the custom made TV unit, designed with simple geometric lines kept to a minimal with a few shelves and drawers to house all the electronics within it.

For the side tables we kept them mismatched with a pair of round nesting tables and matching square designed one both from Indigo living. Luckily the Coffee table was in the same design but from The One.