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Designing a space is never truly done—there is always an opportunity to layer in a treasure from a recent getaway, add a newly collected art piece to your gallery wall, or top your living room credenza with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Now imagine this process on a dining table when it comes to life with guests over sumptuous food!

Working with Ame Studio, we decided on setting a beautiful tablescape with delicately designed flowers for Iftar with a concept we called Blue Moon.

We decided to work with an elegant setup and color palette of royal blue’s embellished with gold and white metals. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and materials. On our table we used agate stone, brushed and shiny metals, ceramics, glass and china not forgetting the linen. This is all laid on the beautiful grey treated wooden dining table.

The contrasts not only brings visual interest but tactile as well.

I like to start with the middle and work my tablescape out. This allows me to map out the spatial area of the table and build it with interesting heights and elements that make the eye travel with ease between them.

My choice of flower arrangements for this looks is glamorous and overflowing with natural beauty that would compliment the rest of the materials used. There is a lot going on in each flower that it creates a wonderful impact without too much effort. and help us break the monotonous colors of the table - thus becoming the show piece of the table.

In order for your arrangement to work, you have to know what kind of vase you’re working with. So always make sure you select well. When I am buying for myself or sourcing for an event or photoshoot, I gravitate towards unique and rare flowers found at Ame Studio, and I typically opt for bright colors and unique textures, but I also stick to the basics: peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and Cala Lilies — you can always count on those varieties to photograph well!

For the vase, we decided to go with hand painted chinoiserie ones complimented with simple glass and marble effect vases.They are sturdy and low to the ground. We loved cutting the stems in them short and having them arranged closely together. In general though, amassing a small collection of vessels will allow you to build a variety of arrangements.

Together they bring in a strong concept of sophistication that is not all matchy matchy.

So once the flowers are placed in the middle, we build the table starting with the charger plates. I love golden ones as I feel they are timeless and can go with any plate set. on top goes the serving plate, then the cutlery placement.

Now we move onto filling the negative spaces with the candles on those gorgeous agate stones with their golden trims. I like to go symmetrical in this setup as it could be repeated on longer tables with more guests easily.

Then we add the napkins and I’ve decided to tie them for a more unexpected treatment.

The embellished hand painted plates are perfect for serving pastries and follow the theme while the metal web looking bowls are great for filling with nuts and dates.

The result is just so visually enticing you might forget you are actually hungry at Iftar!

Did You Know: Cutting stems at an angle gives them access to more water, prolonging the attractive life of flowers. Also cutting stems underwater can prevent air bubbles and help the flowers to absorb more moisture.

Watch the entire process on our video below:


| More About Âme Artistic Studio | Inspired in Europe, perfected in Dubai, Âme brings the beauty of flowers, fashion, art, and design from around the world to you, with love. Light and airy, our studio opens the doors to handpick your own flowers, design a unique bouquet, get your gifts wrapped, meet for a private consultation or enjoy a coffee as you take in the blossoming views all around. Our workshops and short courses are run in collaboration with local artists, designers, stylists and trendsetters and designed to release the creative genie in you. Passionate, artistic, elegant and caring not only captures our personality and values but those of our customers, who are at the centre of everything we do. We are passionate about creating perfect memories for people giving our gifts and those receiving them. As part of the Alserkal Avenue's community, Âme is deeply committed to giving back, empowering and supporting local artists, innovators and influencers by providing a platform that showcases and promotes their talents.


Special thanks to Indigo Living for the location, table accessories and crockery.


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