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I just love entertaining at home... especially if its a close group of friends - its sharing your space and showing them that they are special! And what better than having them over for an afternoon of High Tea?

Now for a beautiful tea time table, I decided to go with a look that has been trending across design fairs from Paris Maison Objet to Milan’s Salon De Mobile - and that is the use of fauna and flora on all sorts of design objects.

For this table scape, I kept in mind that it would be a beautiful afternoon, possibly at a backyard on inside a glasshouse, hence bringing in all the freshness of bold colors with intricate designs that one can set on a table.

This design style is meant for a more contemporary and casual setting for an intimate party. I chose this white vessel because of its interesting shape and white color which doesn’t compete with the flowers inside it. we always try to create an interesting composition when I working with tropical cuts. I tend to lean towards asymmetry and create linear shapes within the composition. Be wild with this one—there are no rules!

Starting in the middle, I like to place the vases almost in a trio and then build around them, almost in a self serving station, where the tea cups are laid out side by side, and the cake stand completes the flower setup. The tea pot, sugar and milk can all stay on the tray - and you can prepare two pots for your guests (one can be your traditional tea, while the other one is herbal).

Napkins are also pre-prepared on a tray —and kept on the side next to the cutlery which we displayed on a stone plate in green.

For the flowers, I wanted to play on the intense colors so used Yellow Dhalias, Peonies and orange tulips were our selection from Ame Creative Studio.

We used the plain white vases so as not to overpower them, placing two vases on one side and one green vase on the other side for balance. Even the cake was beautifully dressed with those selections.

You can also introduce colors in unexpected vessels to hold flowers like a tea pot or tea cup! Even bowls or simple additional cake stand can act in place of a vase.

For the cake stand I used a make shift structural gold vase to hold it which mimics its shape - turned out quite nice.

You can watch the video below for a step by step in laying this entire beautiful setup.

Flower arrangements - Ame Creative Studio

Location, cutlery, crockery and sets - Indigo Living


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