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Writing this blog post 323 days after the project started! Yes almost a year! But I can tell you it felt like yesterday!

We had actually started the conversation with our client much much earlier - September 2016 to be specific! They had just bought their house on Yas Island and were still residing in Canada, but before moving into their dream home, they wanted to make sure they had the right design studio to help them make it all a reality! Well planned we have to admit!

Our clients love travel and having lived in California for some time, they wanted that relaxed laid back style mixed with an Andalusian twist - and that's how the project took on the name 'Casa De Suerte' - translating roughly into the lucky house - their first owned property - which was equally exciting for us as the colors, textures and finishes we imagined for the property were fun to say the least.

Since the property was not handed over by the developed at that starting stage, we relied on all the plans that were supplied, followed by regular visits to the site pre-handover which allowed us to get a better feel for the space, the way the light comes in and the overall vibe - as well as design changes that needed to be done, like adding extra storage and hiding those ugly DB boards, which for some reason are always placed at odd places, as if they were an afterthought!

Long story short, once we created the moodboards for the entire house and decided on each and every space palette, we hit the market sourcing all the furniture and accessories. Which was a good thing and a bad thing, the market was on DSF sale which was great for getting great deals and discounts, but the villa was not handed over yet, which meant storage was an issue... a big issue - piece of advice, if the developer tells you they are handing over in a month time, it should automatically translate into eight months... at the least!

So on with the project tour! room by room :)


Since this was a big space, we had the opportunity to create two separate seating areas that are easily joined using swivel chairs. We opted for an overall grey palette injected with hues of blues and blue greens. We also made sure to multiply the light and space with a feature wall of mirrors with clean line details that were echoed in our choice of coffee tables. With the swivel chairs in the middle, and a sectional on the other part of the space, we were able to create a flowing space that allows a better conversational circle. Even the wooden coffee tables tuns allowing optimum use for serving.

Our choices for materials here were all hard wearing which will not go out of trend for many many many years ahead. We kept the pops of color on the cushions and the curtains.


3 seater sofas // Interiors

Coffee Tables // Interiors

Mirrors // Al Huthaifa Furniture

Swivel Chairs // West Elm

Cushions // West Elm

Accessories // West Elm, 2XL, Zara Home, Home Centre, Homes R Us

Sectional // Chattels & More

Ceiling Lamps // Home Center

Carpets // Carpet Centre


As the dining and family room were meant for more daily use, we decided to play a lot more with color and make the space alive and fun especially that the young family has a toddler and a baby - with that in mind, we made the palette one with navy, green and yellow - fresh and vibrant but toned down with natural fibers, wood and leather. The art was naturally the Andalusian tiles our clients had bought from their previous travels and with a bold deep teal wall color, it allowed the art to pop against it. We also made sure to incorporate our clients collection of National Geographic Magazine Collection with its iconic yellow color into the design.

Storage creation in this space was key, as the villa lacked storage inside the house, we decided to make use of the space under the stairs by closing it off and creating an open book shelf on one end, and a storage room from the other. We also added a custom made nook for a breakfast/work table in the corner and gave them a custom made media unit that allowed for zero clutter, hidden electronics behind glass panels meant zero wires were showing too!

We paired the wooden slab table with a matching bench, leather chairs and velvet navy blue head chairs, and matched that with a beautiful side board that had the most beautiful detailing. Styled with Large lamps and more art it just screamed California. While in the Family room, we opted for a comfortable L shape sofa in oat color and filled it with colorful cushions. The perfect rug further enhanced the space too and an overhead hanging brass lighting finished off the space perfectly.

For the breakfast nook, we went for a white corner bench which broke the overall wood feel and balanced it, while the colorful cotton cushions spoke the same relaxed vibe of patterns across the room. A marble round table was the perfect size and shape and allowed for one more chair on the corner - we were happy to know this became the most utilized area in the space for work and coffee mornings!


Dining Chairs // 2XL & Chattels & More

Dining Table // Client's own

SideBoard // Al Huthaifa Furniture

L-Shape Sofa // Chattels & More

Breakfast Table // West Elm

Accessories & Lighting // H&M home, Zara Home, West Elm, 2XL, Zara Home, Home Centre, Homes R Us

Carpet// West Elm


For the upstairs, we had a small corner which we created a TV corner in perfect for late night snuggles, the best alternative for having a disruptive television in a bedroom. IKEA was our best choice for this corner as we didn't want to overspend when it came to budget, yet wanted something durable that could withstand time. Colors echoed the downstairs, in neutral base with accents of blue.


IKEA everything!


In the master bedroom we had immense space to work with. So we opted for a custom made upholstered bed in grey with a matching bench. Side tables in champagne color and mirror and beautiful lantern like bed side lamps in glass.

We also filled the room with a wall full of mirrored wardrobe (not pictured) and a dresser as well as a reading chaise for relaxed reading! The went for a large rug grounded the space and made it feel more contained.

note: The space is awaiting the arrival of some photography artwork


Bed & Bench// Meroe Bed Boutique

Bed Side Tables & Lamps// Home Centre

Chaise Lounge // IKEA

Foot Stool // The One

Cushions // Robinsons

Carpets// Merinos

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed our project tour!

Interested in starting a project with us? Just drop us a line by clicking here.


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