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You know what is the best part of working on residential projects? you meet amazing individuals and families, who trust you with their most sacred spaces - their homes. This homeowner called in despair trying to finalize her space after having moved into her new house. She had bought a few items but was lost as to how to bring it all together into unity.

Quite honestly she had done a great job and our work was to give her space a mini makeover to make it warmer and more welcoming.

We started by applying wallpaper to her entrance in shades of silver that compliments all the silvers in there and styled her already existing console with coffee table books and table lamp plus a few picture frames. We also added a coat of paint to the arches and to the double height wall of the stairs to give impact upon entry.

A beautiful carpet in hues of grey and blue held the space and completed it.


The Dining Room is where they needed the most help, where we replaced the dining table with marble and brass legs six seater with linen upholstered chairs.

We also bought them a second pair shelves and moved the silver hammered cabinet into that space. New curtains, ceiling lights and carpet plus the plants and art and the space was ready for endless dinner parties.


For the living room, the major addition was the carpet and accessories to the sofa set they already had. Plus a fresh coat of paint everywhere that brightened the originally yellow walls. Finally we created a focal point with the metal artwork in matching shades of silver.