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We designed a sweet sunshine island for the sweetest 9-year-old. End of brief! Actually the brief was to use all the existing furniture but to give it an uplift from its current pinks to something else - she suggested purple, and we surprised her with a bright Yellow! I mean who wouldn't want a fun, energetic uplifting colour that is guaranteed to give her many angles for ticktock videos (just kidding but you know, you always plan for the future ahead!)

So with that, the design palette introduced natural elements of bamboo along with the pops of black, terracotta and green to tone down the overall brightness. The wallpaper, art posters and accessories delivered a big impact and we couldn't have been happier!

We will leave you with the room snaps as they speak louder than words...let us know what you think!

Sources// Accessories, Baskets, cushions, ceiling lamps & carpet - Home Centre

Table lamps - Urbanest & The Bowery Company Chair & footstool - IKEA Bed & Dresser - Pottery Barn Kids Artwork - Bespoke Wallpaper - Paperpop Decor Paint - Benjamin Moore Mardi Gras Gold 2019-10

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