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When our client said she was ready to get her Majlis into order, we knew right away; this would be a great project to bring in forth the color trends of 2020.

We had already done several spaces for this home, from the entrance and family living and dining space to the master bedroom and kids bedroom.

The family had wanted to continue with the contemporary flair we had brought in throughout the other spaces, but to introduce a slightly different vibe in the Majlis.

A sophisticated palette of greys, warm ambers and yellows were guaranteed to deliver the perfect space to welcome family and guests.

Walking into the space, we knew we had to abide with the symmetry of windows and hence had laid out the entire furniture plan with that in mind.

We even emphasized it further by placing two Shagreen cabinets on the sides of the windows and had them flank two three-seaters facing each other with rectangular coffee tables set in an offset position to break the symmetry a bit. Extra seating was provided through two amber-coloured velvet chairs and a marigold colour bench. A textured carpet with the same tones of greys and yellow finished off the living space and anchored it.

For the Dining Space, we placed sideboard behind the sofa and centred the table and chairs to the entire space. The final touch was all the beautiful glass accessories and elements in brass that again brought in warmth to the Majlis.

What we felt amplified the space and showed off the crown moulding though was the beautiful dark grey wallpaper that just held the area altogether and delivered a refined interior that is cosy yet sleek. Whereas the accessories and the choice of fabrics contrasted with the different textures and created visual interest throughout.

Continue below to find all the sources...


Carpet - Carpet Centre

Sofas - Aura, Homes R Us

Cushions - Knot Home & H&M HOME

Bench - LIfestyle

Cabinets - Casa Lusso

Table Lamps - Aura

Dining Side Board - Crate & Barrel

Dining Room - Homes R Us

Wallpaper - Murascpec

Accessories - various sources

Plant & pot - Dubai Garden Centre

Mirrors - IKEA

Wall Art - Marina & Big Bear

Coffee Tables - Marina Home & West Elm

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