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The best part of a project is when your clients are blown away by the work you have done. There is nothing like it.. feeling grateful for their trust in handling their homes, their sacred private spaces. Constinuing with this wonderful project, we move to Living room 2 (Part 1 & Part 2 are here).

This is where they have their daily coffee and post lunch breaks. A cosy space in the foyer of the house.

Continuing with the same colour scheme as the previous spaces, we furnished with a bluegrey Berhnarhdt sofa set from Interiors which we added a pony hide polished stainless steel bench from Indigo living. The coffee tables were kept in simple golden circular form acquired from ID Design complimented by golden hammered drum tables as well which are easy to move around for serving.

A horizontal mirror was strategically placed on top of the sofa to add depth and bounce off more light, while a beautiful standing Bloomingdales floor lamp in silver added just the right amount of charm to the space.

Again we accessoriesed everything with beautiful coffee table books, small metal trays, hammered silver ashtrays and simple vases in hues of blue, greige and gold.

The final touch was the beautiful carpet from carpet centre, that reiterated the circular motifs from the tables.

From that space you move inside the house towards the first level floor where we had completely painted over the walls with grey Jotunpaints that even went over the wall panelling giving it a more relaxed look. Under the stairs we managed to fit in three strategically placed hammered silver plant pots from Marina Home where we placed round green balls for an all year round evergreen.

Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.



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