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With the spring & summer upon us, Indigo Living launched their new collection with new design stories, inspired looks and stellar services all in a wonderful event at District One in Dubai. We were very fortunate to have been giving the opportunity to entirely design the space at the villa for the event. .

Ofcourse we used the entire new collection featuring four new distinct style stories, and plenty of inspiration for refreshing living space. From the coastal cool of Shorecliff and calico accents of True Blue, to the curated comforts of Steel Gaze and amped-up glamour of Bohemian Rhapsody; these design stories are the perfect way to express a sense of style. Each style is inspired by a hint of gold, with extravagant accessories and luxe focal points that exude sophistication.

Although each of the styles is distinct, they all blend together in harmony with unique pieces to fit any space whether an apartment or a large villa like the one we worked on.

The four distinct styles are:

TRUE BLUE | Nuanced nautical: There’s more to nautical neutrals than meets the eye in the True Blue look. Starting with a canvas of linen finishes, the key ingredients are blue-and-white accents, contrasting textures and ceramic pieces to master this easy, breezy aesthetic. The blue and white Callis Ceramic Stool and Pluma Jar Low complement the sumptuous neutral palette of key furnishings, such as the lush Lincoln Rug and Eloquent Dresser, to create an oasis of serenity

SHORECLIFF | Coastal allusions: Tumbleweed tones and sand-dune hues welcome you to a collection that marries modern loft living with calming coastal elements. Taking colour cues from artwork, earthy and organic accents are echoed in the palette of this look. Taking colour cues from artwork, earthy and organic accents are echoed in the palette of this look. The rusty, coppery tones of the Burgundy Translucent Silhouette can be picked up by key leather pieces such as the Flynn Leather Swivel Chair. Keep it classic with the silhouettes of the Erek L Shape Left Hand Sofa and balanced Lille Top and Concrete Base Dining Table.

STEEL GAZE | Artistic license: Oversized accessories, exaggerated shapes and sculptural silhouettes create a modern home-gallery vibe echoing a retro and futuristic. Think gold and glory, with hero pieces including the stunning Spencer Coffee Table and Button Ceramic Stool. Shine is softened with plush furniture pieces such as the Bennett Velvet Day Bed, and neutral rugs in light charcoal tones.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY | Mercury rising: Amplify your high-fashion fixtures and step into a symphony of form and function with a look that oozes sophistication. Set the tone with bold black-and-gold wall art like the Portrait Orb, Landscape Orb and Connected Orb Wall Art. Pair the glitz and glamour with the deep-set and indulgent Seville Velvet 3-Seat Sofa complemented by the velvety deep charcoal Sasha Day Bed and throne-like Tyler Gold Velvet Chair.

The result of the entire space was jaw dropping and each corner was instagrammable I'm sure you agree!

To view the entire collection, head to or visit them in their showroom in Dubai.

Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.


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